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28,  · Read He Hurts You And Your Child Sees from e story One Direction Imagines And Preferences by jessicacroft_98 (Jessica) wi 20,324 reads.Sorry baby, be t Reviews: 3. 15,  · Read He Hurts Your Feelings - Part 2 from e story One Direction Imagines and Preferences 2 by misstakenduff (Lauren) wi 29,764 reads. liampayne, liampaynei Reviews: 23. 01,  · Read He hurts you on purpose 1/2 from e story One direction imagines/preferences by Louis_babe15 wi 23,591 reads. imagines, cute, band. He hurts you on pur Reviews: 18. one direction imagines 1d imagine one direction imagine 1d imagines my 1d preferences. You hiss at e contact, your chest still in pain. He recoils. Oh (Y/N). I’m so sorry, love. he takes a look at you and bites his lip, trying to hold back more sobs. I can’t believe anyone would even ink about hurting you. he says. Read A fan hurts you from e story One Direction Imagines and Preferences by haycat1998 (Haley & Kirsten) wi 3,040 reads. direction, one, imagines. Liam. 18,  · When he found out at your parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, bro ers, cousins, grandparents, and friends had all split up every time he understood why you were so scared to let yourself me so vulnerable and open. He wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close. Y/N I promise at if you let me love I won't hurt you.. 5Sos and One Direction Imagines! My Vision! 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction Imagines! All requests accepted! I try my best to write ese as well as i can, so please no hate! at he would never ever hurt you again. I love you too, You whispered to him, meaning it wi every inch of your being. You felt e smile grow on his. 09,  · Harry Styles Imagine: Harry Gets Mad When You Get Hurt By e Paparazzi. I am a brand new imagines + preferences blog so make sure to check out what I have written so far and send in requests! is was requested! Y/N’s POV: You woke up to singing coming from outside e hotel window. He let me go, of course, saying family is more important an a stupid interview. 351. I take off running, my curls blowing behind me as i race down countless hallways. 347, 348, 349, 350. 27,  · PREFERENCE 4: YOU WAKE UP WHILE HE’S CARRYING YOU HARRY: You blinked open your blurry eyes to feel yourself being lifted gently by someone’s strong arms. At your first brea, you recognized e scent as distinctly Harry. You pulled your face out of e crook of his neck, causing him to look down at you lovingly and whisper, Hey ere, kitten. I’m not a cheater, (Y/N), unlike you! He tugged at his hair, and it looked as if he was losing his mind. He nearly was. You sobbed harder, It was a mistake! A drunken mistake and I’m so sorry! Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it, (Y/N)! He turned and punched e drywall behind him, making you jump out of your skin. 13,  · Hello lovelies! I am just an Aussie girl who loves One Direction and writing. On is blog you will find Preferences, imagines and picture preferences. If you have a prompt, feedback for me or you simply want to fangirl my messages are always open. I . ning: angry Harry, rudeness, Niall telling him to sod off, a little bit of physical violence. A/N: I do not ink at Harry would ever, ever act like. is is a work of fiction. at being said, if you are in a situation where you are being treated badly, or you have been in a situation like at, it is not your fault. It was never your fault, and it never will be. If you need help. 21,  · Liam: One minute you were walking along e street wi Liam, hurriedly flashing smiles at e seemingly ousands of girls who smed e two of you, and e next you were sprawled across e asphalt, little pebbles indenting shapes into your skin. [Y/N]! Liam gasped, crouching to help you up. Are you alright? He began to check you over, holding you by your biceps. Preference 7: Your ex physically hurts you. Liam: You were home alone at your flat at you lived in wi Liam while he was out grocery shopping when you heard a rapid knocking at e door. I’m coming, chill out you screamed while getting up from e couch. . Request: Can you do a preference where he finds out you were abused in a past relationship A/N: If ere is e possibility of is triggering you, please don’t read. is is not meant to romanticize abuse in any way. ning: descriptions of abuse, crying, a night e. You’d woken up at morning, haunted by a dream you’d had at night. It was him, it was always him. He would. 4 He Hits/Hurts You (Requested - Part One) ning: ere is language and violent action in is bunch! please, if you are sensitive to any of it, refrain from reading! Harry: Four hours. He said he’d be home four hours ago. at was it. you’d had enough. at night, as he stumbled into e flat at two- irty in e morning, you finally. 22,  · BSM 1- He accidentally hurts you because of anger His POV. Liam: I didn’t realize what I did until I saw (y/n) running out of my room wi tears in her eyes. I can’t believe I just hit my baby sister. Instead of making ings better, I just made it worse for her. No copywrite If you want too use one of our imagines make sure you let us now by messaging one of us or commenting on our profile saying which one you want too use One Direction Preferences/Imagines Preference 17: He Un-Intentionally Hurts . 02,  · 5 BSM He Hurts You (Part Two) Part One 5 BSM He hurts you (Part 2) Liam (Age 12): It has been a week since your altercation wi Liam and e last time you have spoken to . One Direction Imagines A guy hits on you and he's jelly (Part 1)Louis: You were running late as usual, after promising your boyfriend, Louis, at you would meet him at e closest Starbucks. Quickly, you push e door open and see him alone at a table. ere you are, he smiles mly at you. Hi, baby, you greet, kissing his cheek. Zayn got a look of hurt and anger at someone would do at to his sister. He said I’ll be back and ran out of e room. A few minutes later Niall comes into your room and says at Zayn will be back soon. one direction one direction preferences one direction preference one direction imagine one direction imagines. devinityademoe. [imagine REQUEST] a stalkerish fan hurts you. LIAM: What’s got you so jumpy lately? Liam asks you one day while out walking around. Every time a fan had approached, you’d instinctively stiffened up, ready to bolt at any moment. tags one direction one direction imagines one direction preferences zayn malik niall horan liam payne louis tomlinson harry styles hate myself help zayn malik imagines zayn malik preferences zayn dj malik. 27 Notes. pink-13 liked. zaynmaliksgirlfriend1 liked. filed under: one direction preferences, one direction imagine, one direction, Harry Styles, liampayne, louistomlinson, niallhoran, zaynmalik, little-miss-duckie liked. hellafinehazza liked. my-k-popscenarios liked. roadto 0lbs reblogged. 02,  · 4 BSM He hurts you. Liam (age 12): You just got home from a terrible day at school. Your classmates bullied you, you got an F on a test at you studied very hard for and on top of at e hate was getting harder to ignore. BSM: You’re on Your Period and He’s e Only One Home (Requested) A/N: Requested by anon! I hope you guys like it, I don’t exactly know how good I am at e BSM stuff but hopefully I did a good job. Niall: Ugh, you groaned in pain, clutching at your sides helplessly as yet ano er surge of nausea and cramps rippled rough your. Preference 111: He finds Out You Were in an Abusive Relationship. Niall: e slam of e front door echoes rough e house, alerting you at Niall has finally come home. He had been gone all day for extensive tour rehearsals, and would be totally exhausted. He looked at you and shook his head. I hurt you in probably one of e worst possible ways. I don’t deserve you. All of ose ings you said were right. one direction preference one direction preferences one direction scenarios one direction imagine one direction imagines imagine harry styles imagines imagine preferences . He must’ve ought your relationship truly started yesterday, when e public first found out about it. But in reality, you knew it started e day he took you back to Cheshire to meet Anne. When you cat-sitted for Gemma’s cats. When you held Niall’s golf bag for him when he and Harry had to use e loo. Imagines. Requests. Growing Up Series She ran back out as did Harry after making sure at you were alright and at you didn’t plan on getting hurt. one dircetion preferences one direciton preference one direction one direction bsm 1d 1d bsm 1d imagine 1d pref 1d preference 1d preferences 1d prefs pref prefs pref 1d . You immediately bolted out of e ba room door to make sure he didn’t hurt your son during his outburst. Calm down. You said back at him. 172 notes harry styles harry styles imagine harry styles imagines one direction one direction imagine one direction imagines. He repeats, and you look up and read off e nearest street sign you can find. You can hear his tires screeching as he makes a U-turn. Possibly an illegal one. Okay kitten, is is what you’re gonna do. You’re not going to hang up e phone, okay? Okay, I say, as a tear runs down my cheek. (requested) preference: ddm, he’s your stepfa er (Niall, 17) You could hear him cheering before you actually saw him. A smile grew as you glanced out into e crowd and noticed Niall, holding your little bro er on his hip as he was stood up, screaming for your team. You Fight, And He Calls You A Nasty Name (PART 2) Niall: You lay on e bed, staying still, voice shaking, and tears falling. e pillow was soaking up e rain from your eyes. Five minutes passed. en ten. You still lay ere, trying to even out your brea ing, heart pounding fast in your chest. One Direction: Preferences and Imagines - He Wakes You Up Because He's Sick / In Pain Read He Wakes You Up Because He's Sick / In Pain from e story One Direction: Preferences and Imagines by atMrsStyles wi 6,902 reads. niall, protective, z 72 pins. Niall: You had your leg propped up on a pillow in your bed room and e pain from your head injury hit once again. Nialler You whimpered hoping he would hear you. He was downstairs ough grabbing you ano er water and your medicine. You could feel e tears brim your eyes as e pain from your headache got worse and worse. 5SOS MASTERLIST SERIES: Wedding Series - Pregnancy Series - Chance Meetings - Heart Strings Requests: I’ll Always Save You (Harry Styles/Vampire Diaries crossover) You’re a Ghost Hunter (Harry) PREFERENCES: 1 How You Meet 2 He Hears You Singing One of His Songs 3 You Cheat wi Him 4 He Finds Out a Secret from Your Past 5 He’s Sick 6 e O er Boys Don’t Like You 7 You . You Child is hurt/scared/sick and He Comforts Him/Her. Requested. Harry: Little Isabella was downstairs in her playroom.Harry was wi her, but he was focused on some ing for work. You just recently got a kitten for Isabella and she instantly fell in love wi e cat. 14,  · A/N: is is my first ever BSM hope you like it and feel free to request Liam (age 12): You just got home from a terrible day at school. Your classmates bullied you, you got an F on a test at you studied very hard for and on top of at e hate was getting harder to ignore. He Pretends to Hate You: Harry. He didn’t mean to be a jerk to you, its just at he didn’t know how else to interact wi you.You were beautiful,s t,funny, every ing he could ever want in a girl. But he was sure at you would never go for a guy like him, e player, e one . 61: He’s Hurt. 62: Letters. 63: He’s Trying Not to Smile. 64: Stay e Night? 65: You get Hit on. 66: Sitting next to One Ano er After a Fight. 67: Dentist’s. 68: He Picks you up from School. 69: Rude. 70: He Serenades You. 71: Finding Out at you’re Pregnant. 72: He gets Carsick. 73: He Gets an Ex Pregnant and Comes to you. 74. One Direction Imagines He Hurts You Badly. Find your perfect free image or video to download and use for any ing. He also set a goal at by 2050, e country will reduce carbon emissions to a level 60 percent below at emitted in 1990. Surely he's never seen Imagines One Direction Four One Direction One Direction Background One Direction .

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