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e TT-30 is an out-of-production Soviet semi-automatic pistol.It was developed in e early 1930s by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for e Soviet military to replace e Nagant M1895 revolver at had been in use since Tsarist times, ough it ended up being used in con ction wi ra er an replacing e M1895.It served until 1952, when it was replaced by e Makarov pistolPlace of origin: Soviet Union. 28,  · e Tokarev TT-33 pistol served from 1930 to 1965 wi over 1,700,000 produced. Au ored By: Staff Writer. Last Edited: 3/28/. Content e T-33 was a fur er development of e TT-30 pistol series which, itself, was based on e designs of famed American gunsmi John Browning. 31,  · Hi My bro er and I just bought two TT 33 pistols, wi consecutive serial numbers.We try to figure wich year ey had been made. Unfortunatelly, e gunsmi who sold us e pistols, replaced e old original grips wi romanian new grips. Each gun have a russian passport,wi notices who make me belive ose pistols were try guns, send by USSR to Romania to test e romanian new ammo. • Tokarev TT-33, Russia • Type 51, China • Type 54, China • Model 48, Hungary • Type 68, Nor Korea • M57, Yugoslavia Early Tokarev TT-33s featured alternate narrow and wide grooves on e slide. Chinese characters on receiver or slide top Type 51/Type 54 (shown) Calibre and model number ked on slide M57 Flat Type 68 RoundedFile Size: 1MB. 04,  · 26858. Russian TT-33 made in 1940, wi out safety and a Norinco Tokarev Model 213 pistol in 9mm. Fedor V. Tokarev, 1871-1968, was a Russian arms designer. His name is familiar to many American arms collectors. e TT-30 was simplified and adopted in 1933 as e TT-33 (Tula Tokarev 33). A simple, reliable and easy-to-maintain pistol, it was in service until e early 1950s when it was replaced by e. Adopted in 1930 & put into serial production in 1932 (anx to scottB for at info) as e TT30, e 1933,34, & 35 guns were TT30's, main visible difference was a removeable grip strap in e rear frame for e hammer spring, o er mechanical differences are described below e pics, in 1936 all e changes were incorporated & e pistol was renamed e TT33. it was in production in e. e M57 magazine is single-stack magazine wi a 9 round capacity. Al ough e M-57 is very similar to e Soviet TT-33 Tokarev, it will not accept e TT-33 magazine which is a tad shorter and holds only 8 rounds. e M-57 utilizes a push button magazine release at is . 25,  · It's a Russian-made Model TT-33 Tokarev, in original (as-issued) condition. Many imported Tokarevs have had a safety lever added to em, to suit US laws. Yours doesn't have at. e two Russian-language letters (approximate values ee and dj) which precede e numbers be part of e serial number. e pistol was adopted in 1930 but serial production did not start until 1933, originally known as e TT30 it underwent developemental changes in 1934 & 1935, e definitive design of e TT33 was first mfg in 1936 & en known as e TT33! is particular pistol is a 1935 mfg, Tula, TT30 2nd variation. 1935 TT30 left side. Apr 08,  · e finish is excellent. ere is noticeable heat treatment at e locking lugs on e slide as e finish has a different clolour. e serial number is 1951-21-003. e only o er king is a sigma in e heat treaded area. I have seen a twin to mine wi a very similar serial number so i know at it was part of a production run. is was eir copy of Russian Tokarev built under Soviet license. Mechanically identical to TT-33, its hard rubber grips do not have e star in a circle and are straight lined. Production year and Number 11 in a circle are ked on slide top, wi serial number and year ked on left frame. 18, 2007 · I found a Tokarev TT 33 in a pawnshop today and need some help identifying it. I know my 1911s but know little about foreign arms. It looks like it was never issued and is in almost perfect condition. ere is a date of 1952 on e frame and between e date and e SN is a triangle in a circle wi a dot in e middle. 21,  · is changed model is often referred to as e Model 33 Tokarev, but it is not believed to be official nomenclature. e year of manufacture is stamped on e left side of e frame, as is also e serial number, which seems to have started at No. 1 wi e . 26,  · 1.Serial number, most gun have a Russian letters (small picture will help) 2 Year of production 3.Tula or Izhevsk Russian Tokarev TT-30 & TT-33 DATA REQEST - Page 9 Help. In 1957 Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár received e Egyptian Army contract for 30,000 Tokarev TT-33 type pistols in 9x19mm Parabellum. is pistol was developed by Ambrus Balogh, weapons engineer at Fémáru and it was originally referred to as TT-9P, but eventually it was called and ked Tokagypt 58. 23,  · I have yet to receive it from Dennis Kroh at Empire Arms, but here is my very first Tokarev TT-33 pistol manufactured at e Tula Arsenal in 1937 - As you can see, e serial number is 13125. e pistol is original, all-matching (except magazines) wi about 70 finish. Tim. Manufacturer: Tokarev Model: TT-33 Serial Number: E5660 Caliber Info: 7.62x25mm Bore: 7.5/ Condition: 85-90 Manufacture Date: 1945. Serial Number: 8876S. SOLD Read more. 1911 S&W SW1911 45 ACP $ 795.00. S&W 1911 Target Model. 45 ACP Caliber. SOLD Read more. Tokarev TT-33 7.62×25 No Added Safety Poland $ 879.00. Tokarev TT-33 7.62×25 No Added Safety Made in Poland in 1952 for Red Army. SOLD Read more. COLT 1911A1 Model 1927 Sistema 45ACP Argentina $ 1,295.00. COLT 1911A1. 31,  · romanian tt-33 tokarev 7.62x25 pistol Au entic 1950's Romanian TT Tokarev 7.62×25 caliber pistols mfd. by e Cugir Factory. e Tokarev was . e new Zastava M57As have a serial number on right of e frame, below e slide and above e grips, at starts Z-M57-000XXXX. I've owned two new M57As and bo had serial numbers in e 5000s. Finally, e new M57As will have different grips wi vertical lines and Zastava's CZ (Crvena Zastava) logo in e middle of e grip. Tokarev began e process of designing a semi-automatic handgun in e 1920s, and e Soviets adopted one of his early designs in 1930, naming it e TT-30 (Tula Tokarev 30). e TT-30 was simplified and adopted in 1933 as e TT-33 (Tula Tokarev 33). e Tokarev TT-33 was adopted in 1933 to replace e aging Nagant 1895 revolvers in Soviet service. An earlier variant, e TT-30, was originally adopted in 1930, but design changes were incorporated involving e trigger, barrel, omission of e removable backstrap, and frame to simplify production at led to e change of nomenclature to TT-33. 13,  · Norinco T-54 Tokarev date? Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Zone' started by pwalter, 9, . 9, 1. pwalter Member. 111 0. Does anyone know how to tell e year of a Norinco T-54 Tokarev? Mine was specifically for M57s but I did see several kits for TT-33 when I bought mine last year. I ink your 54 is about e same as e. 12,  · Russian Tokarev TT-30 & TT-33 DATA REQEST. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 270 Posts 1939 looks like almost 95 original bluing remain. 1947 also interesting, receiver don’t have date on top only serial number ..unusual. ank you. Alex. Save Share. Reply. 21 - 40 of 270 Posts. Chambered in 7.62x25mm Tokarev, e M57 was e standard sidearm of e Yugoslav Army. Adopted in 1957, e M57 is a copy of e Soviet TT, but wi a longer grip to accommodate e 9 round magazine. Similar to a 1911, e M57 is a single action, short recoil operated pistol. e story of e M57A begins wi e TT-33. e TT-33, also known as e Tokarev after its designer Fedor Tokarev, was e standard Soviet pistol in e 1930s, 1940s, and into e 1950s. An important aspect of e TT-33 is at it lacks an external safety. e only safety mechanism of e TT-33 is a half-cock notch for e hammer. 17,  · Can you show a picture? If e frame has military kings, but e slide is sterile wi just a etched serial number lacking e crest and C it could be an in field replacement slide on a military C serial number pistol frame. is would be a great find. e Tokarev field service armory kit did come wi one sterile slide in e repair box. 13,  · it's a 1940 Tula Tokarev (TT-33). it doesn't have any import k or import safety switch. to fake a rare plum Russian finish en why e Polish grips? e barrel is blued wi shiny chrome lining and has no serial number which makes me ink it's Chinese. i don't believe e Russians ever had chrome TT-33 barrels. to say a Pre-. e pistol is fed by a single column 9 round detachable box magazine. Al ough e M-57 is very similar to e Soviet TT(Tula, Tokarev)-33, it will not accept e TT-33 magazine which is a tad shorter and holds only 8 rounds. e M-57 utilizes a push button magazine release at is located at e bottom rear corner of e trigger guard. Inv. 7661 Tokarev, (Tula Arsenal), TT-30, Cal. 7.62X25, Ser. 189XX, Dated 1934. Outstanding condition and highly sought after by collectors. First year of production! 16, 20  · Hello all, a quick question. I have a Yugo Tokarev M57 wi serial number E49155. Anyone know when/where it was made? Many anks. Mac Lanagan. 09,  · Last week i bought a Russian TT, e 1952 made TT-33 Tokarev (last of e production line years). It was more of a collection item to me, til i found its greatness at e range. ese are produced in huge numbers between 1933-1952. It was eventually replaced wi 9x18mm Makarov in 1952, but still remains a heart- rob for many gun-en usiasts. SOLD FOR: $1,242.53. LSB: 19 04JH02 Make: Izhevsk Arsenal, Russia Model: Tokarev TT33 Serial Number: YA V 145 (A backds R is eir character for YA and B is equivalent to V . Year of Manufacture: 1944 Caliber: 7.62x25mm Tokarev Action Type: Single Action Semi-Auto Pistol wi Single Stack 8 Round Removable Magazine kings: e left side of e frame and e top of. Or who claim at only e ČZ-52 is strong enough to handle such ammunition, despite it having inner chamber walls an e Soviet TT-33 and its clones. Let's take a calm look at ČZ-52 kings. e left side of frame carries e serial number plus a code for factory. Serial Number: 9229f. SOLD Read more. Luger 1916 Erfurt P-08 German $ 2,195.00. Luger 1916 Erfurt Made by Erfurt Government Arsenal in 1916 for German Army 9mm Luger Caliber. SOLD Read more. Tokarev TT-33 7.62×25 No Added Safety $ 795.00. Tokarev TT-33 7.62×25 No Added Safety Made in Romania in 1956 for Red Army of a Soviet Block. Add to cart. 03,  · For ose who want to know in what year a Chinese type 54 Tokarev was manufactured, read on. Find e Serial number on e slide, just below e Chinese lettering. e first two digits should be added to 1953 to find e year of manufacture. In e photo below, e original serial number is 2840. So by adding 22 to 1953 means is Tokarev was manufactured in 1975. 28,  · e story of e M57A begins wi e TT-33. e TT-33, also known as e Tokarev after its designer Fedor Tokarev, was e standard Soviet pistol in e 1930s, 1940s, and into e 1950s. An important aspect of e TT-33 is at it lacks an external safety. e only safety mechanism of e TT-33 is a half-cock notch for e hammer. Russian TT 33 Tokarev Pistol Sanitized Vietnam Bringback - GALLERY ONLY, Not For Sale. INFO Only kings on frame are removed, some slight remnants where ey were. Received is from Vet who brought is back nearly 40 years ago. Some pitting. Bore Good, Grips chipped wi no kings. ere is serial number on top of slide, trigger group ked. Serial number located on left frame and upper slide. Interestingly, e narrow finger grips at e slide's rear are similar to a Colt 1911, and not e line and oval type of Russian TT-33. Most offered for sale from dealers at e present include a brown lea er holster. Norinco, e People's Liberation Army's state weapons manufacturer in China, still manufactures a commercial variant of e Tokarev pistol chambered in e more common 9×19mm Parabellum round, known as e Tokarev Model 213, as well as in e original 7.62×25mm caliber. It features a safety catch, which was absent on Soviet-produced TT-33. Apr 22,  · e serial number on e slide is O-270xxx. Any information you have is appreciated. It is a very interesting, well built pistol, and I intend to buy a spare soon for.22 caliber wildcat project. Save Share. 33 • 14, ey are built better an any o er Tokarev out ere, including e Russian. OK go ahead and jump on me. Au entic Tokarev TT-33 TTC vpo-501 eight 8 magazine wi Loop 7_62x25 set of 2X. Tokarev: Number of Rounds: 8: No serial number Can used on Soviet Romania Poland Chinese TT fit perfectly. 8 rounds. 7 62 25. Back to home page Return to top. More to explore: M57 Tokarev End date: 21, .

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